Wednesday, 11 May 2011

LA Candy

LA Candy
by: Lauren Conrad
My Star Rating: 5/5 stars

  When Jane and her longtime BFF Scarlett move to Los Angelas, their lives change only weeks after moving. Being discovered at a club and being asked to star in a new hit TV show, deffinatley not what they expacted. Moving from normal Jane and Scarlett to famous Jane and Scarlett is a challange, especialy when you have 1 co star who could'nt tell a lime from a lemon and another who will do anything for the starlight, even if it means ruening a perfectly innocent Jane who turns out to not be so innocent.

 Overall: LA Candy was amazing! It was awesome from the first page. The scandalous lives of two teenage rising stars is a good way to put it.
I found Jane a very interseting character, as her innocent apperance turns out to not be so innocent. She seemed very fragile and perfect, like a porcelain doll falling for everything even the worst of people could pull over her eyes. Scarlett however was the tough and strong girl, who cared about guys even more than her personal reputation.
I think it was a very good way to discribe the hollywood superstar life in LA. All the blond fakes sounded very realistic. Fantastic, I would recomend it to everyone.......

Sunday, 1 May 2011

In My Mailbox

IMM- This week I only have one book in my mailbox. Iron King byy Julie Kagawa. I am excited to read it but first I need to finish my pile of books that arevgoing to be overdue at the library!

The Gathering

The Gathering
by: Kelly  Armstrong
Pages: 359
My star rating: 5/5

This is exactly what I was hoping it would be! I LOVE IT!!

Maya is just an ordinary sixteen year old girl living in a small medical research town on Vancouver Island. She doesn't know much about her backround or the paw print birthmark on her hip. She never really thought much about how her adopted family ended up in this town, how all the familys ended up here.... Until now.
wierd thinks are happening in Salmon creek, the wierd deaths, the forest fires and the strange cougars that are attracted to maya. Maybe Salmon creek is not exactly what it seems to be.......

Overall: I loved it alot!The writting was awesome, I love Kelly Armstrong. After reading the drakest powers series, I coundn't wait for this book to come out. The caracters were different in the sense that theres not always the super popular mean group that everybody hates. Hayley barley falls into that because she doesn't sound that mean. She just sounds different and a bit mental when she dosed Mayas drink at her birthday. The friend ship between maya and Daniel was also good because It's not so girly. Sometimes you get tired of that sort of thing.  overall it was awesome! Ans realistic, in a small town on Vancouver Island before, That book kinda explains it.