Friday, 5 August 2011

Iron King

Iron King
Julie Kagawa
pages: 363
my star rating: 4/5

This may not be the most original book ever but  overall I thought the story line was great and I really enjoyed reading it!

The life of Megan Chase has always been anything but normal, she watched her dad dissapear from her family when she was six and she has never fit  in at school...or at home. When her best friend starts acting overly protective of her and her little  brother starts speaking of creatures under his bed and in his closet more frequently, megan senses that a life  change is approaching, little does she know about how big that change may be.

Overall: I was hooked from the start, I'm a sucker for Alice In Wonderland type books and this book reminded  of one quite vividly. I think the  characters were very complex and really  took a big change in plot quite sommothly. Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recomend it to all fantasy and Alice in Wonderland lovers!!!!!

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