Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blood Promise

Blood Promise
By: Richelle Mead
My Star Rating:5/5

I loved it! It was so sad though. The romance in it was devestating. Brilliant!!!!

After Rose makes the most devestating desision of her life, Lissa or Dimitri, she chooses go to Russia in search of Dimitri. Dimitri, the man she loves and the man she must kill. She will never be the same after Dimitri's awakening but her worries will never go away. Ever since Avery arrives at the Academy,Lissa has been recless, doing things she has never done before. The darkness insode her seems to be growing and  the unoticed spirit user isn't helping. Rose is gyetting pushed out of Lissa's head by someone and she Knows something's wrong. She must get back to the Academy ASAP only when your Strigoi lover has trapped you in a strigoi hideout you can only move so fast.

Overall: I thought this book was great! The deepness and intensity between Rose and Dimitri was sad. All the Romance in it was sad. The Rose and Demitri love was hearthrobing. I think Dimitri was trying to convince her to turn Strigoi for a reason other than because he loved her. He didn't want her because he loved her and that killed her. The Avery, Lissa ,Adrian circle was quite amusing. I never even thought she would be a spirit user! It was FABULOUS!!!


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