Wednesday, 16 March 2011


By:Veronica Roth
My star rating:5/5

Dauntless, Amnity, Abgnation, Euditurite or Candor, What will you choose.

When 16 year old Beatrice finds herself at the choosing ceremony, she has a hard time choosing. Being a Divergent is hard, Especially when you have to hide it. Choosing dauntless was the hardest thing she ever did. The dauntless are the fearless, the challengers. To proove yourself you must pass all four stages. For the dauntless, jumping of 14 story buildings is normal. Familly's are betrayed, Friendships are tested and love breaks out of its shell. Are you cut out for what you thought you were?

Overall: I thought this book was spellbinding, It was fabulous! the plot was thrilling and there was lots of action. Just the idea is chilling.I love the idea that its in the future, its interesting to wonder, in the future how different it will really be!

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