Sunday, 27 March 2011

Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss                     
Rachelle Mead
My Rating: 5 stars

I LOVED IT! The ending was so sad and romantic! I'm glad I had the fourth book with me!

Soon after Roses Strigoi kills, a shodow seems to be following her.  It brings out a terribly dark side of Rose that no one has ever seen before. Ghosts lurk outside the academy gates, including Mason's!

Roses love for Demitri grows still.If she follows her heart, she may need to choose between him and her best friend who needs her now, most of all.

Aftter more Strigoi attack the academy, the school is not garunteed to be safe. Many of the students and teachers are being held captive. Her fortune may not appear the way she thought it would!

Overall: I loved this book. The ending was so sad! Also all of the action oin this one was awesome! It was very deep and the Lissa or Demitri drama was Spellbinding. I LOVED IT!!!:)

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