Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy
                                                                                   By: Richelle Mead
Awesome! I devoured this book in less than two days! I loved it! Definatley 5 stars.

Rose is Vasilissa Dragomir's guardian and best friend. It is Rose's job to keep lissa out of the hands of the evil strigoi, the vampires trying to wipe out the moroi royals. After the tragic incident where lissa's family was killed Lissa is now the only moroi who carries the famous Dragomir name but after Rose and Lissa leave the Vampire Academy everything changes; Rose now needs to train harder then ever with her new mentor Dimitri. Rose and dimitri have feelings for each other but the love is foebidden, They could never be together.

On the other hand after returning to the school Lissa fights to stay sane.All the rumors and Royals are bringing her down, not to mention the dead animals showing up around her. And the insane teacher/ moroi Mrs. Karp, things start to get strange. Lissa's New found talent starts to drive her insane.

Vampires, Danger, Forbidden love, this book has it all!

Overall I loved this book, I thought the writting was outstanding! I loved all the characters, especialy dimitri! I especialy found the setting very interesting because I had never before read a book that took place in Montana. The plot was the very best part! I love the idea of the strigoi and the Royals. The guardians too!I think my favorite caracters were Dimitri and Mrs. Karp! Rose is cool too.

This series is a MUST READ!!!

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